The Dark Lord's Handbook

It's not easy being a Dark Lord

Paul Dale

Paul Dale lives in Bath, England. When he's not writing, he's cycling, and can often be found struggling up the hills around his home. He is the author of The Dark Lord's Handbook series (two volumes). Paul has a BSc in Physics with Applied Physics from Bath University and a Master of Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.

The Dark Lord’s Handbook

The worn out "Chosen One battles the Great Evil" theme is turned on its head. I haven't laughed this hard in years. - Steven Byrd Loved it. Funny, witty, enjoyable. A darn good read! From the opening pages I was hooked. Give it a read. - Amazon customer Seldom have I read a fantasy series that has such humor, interesting characters and set a good pace as the Dark Lord. He's evil enough but personable as well, and there are some good guys I really liked too. I'd like to see the female characters a bit more well rounded. It's a interesting and different look at bad guys as well and I have to admit I liked a few of the bad guys more than the heroes. I recommend reading the entire series. - Julie A Kelly Really fun story to read. Well written and entertaining classic that breaks the mold of adventure fiction. - Skeptic Humorous , well written. Looking forward to second book. Straightforward storyline, but still interesting. The book even has a decent explanation of the sub prime loan financial crises. - Angel Stewart
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